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Having a smart kid can be a joyful, proud and rewarding experience. You get to be complimented by people, bask in the glory of having a kid that is above average and you feel the sense of pride that comes with being used as a reference point for the parent of a smart kid.
For me, having a smart kid evokes all of these feelings but it can also be a tad bit scary. Don't get me wrong, I like smart kids but they scare me. Aside from being smart, their wit can leave you speechless and looking slightly dumb.

Which is why I tend to think very carefully before responding to some of my daughter's questions because sometimes they're not always borne out of a desire to learn. They can also be borne out of a desire for mischief.

This weekend, my daughter and I took a road trip to Abuja. She is on break from school for the sallah holiday so as promised I took her to grandma's for the holiday. The drive was smooth. She sat in the back seat without incident. Kids have a way of making …