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Nigerians have an amazing knack for hyperbole and the misapplication of words. Most times this happens when a simple incident is exaggerated to dizzying heights or when words are taken out of their usual context or totally misinterpreted to suit the absurdity of the incident or story being told. Having lived in Nigeria my whole life, I have come to accept the exaggerations and misapplications as being more or less a part of our collective culture. Most times these exaggerations and misapplications are harmless and could serve as a dose of comic relief. At other times, they can make you marvel at the utter disregard for common sense and logic inherent in those who peddle some of those outrageous stories.

In the last few days a word has been tossed around with reckless abandon by some individuals whom I suspect may either have no idea what the word really means or have chosen to deliberately change its context entirely. Regarding President Goodluck Jonathan’s concession of defeat in the …


Editor's Note: This article was written by Farida Mukhtar: An Abuja based strategy analyst in the financial regulation sector with a passion for social development, specifically educational development.

The victory of APC in the just concluded elections isn’t for the party alone but for Nigerians. Usually, we define general principles applicable to the average and we have excelled in this regard.  It was postulated that violence would mar the election: it’s the best conducted in history. It will be rigged: the freest and fairest election of all time. Tension and hate speech: light and hilarious jokes on social media. Greatest of all, non-concession to defeat: gracious acceptance of the choice of the people. Nigeria: we have won!!! I feel these are mostly the precedents: 1st October 2010 when MEND took full responsibility for the Independence Day bombings and it was denied by those in power, we recognized that things needed to be different. At the time, we excused Boko Haram’s attack…