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As a young lad, I always prayed for protection from illness and disease. When I became older and more of a realist, I understood the fact that as humans, due to the nature of our physiology, the prevalence of bacteria, germs and viruses as well as the stresses of daily life, it was impossible to live a life without illness or disease. So I did the rational thing; I amended my prayer. I still prayed for protection from illness and disease, however, in the event I did fall ill I prayed it would be limited to malaria or typhoid and not the sort of illness that would be beyond my means to seek a cure for or one that was so harsh or rare, seeking a cure for it would be difficult or impossible. For many years God has graciously and mercifully answered my prayers. Having been hospitalized only twice in my life, I guess it is safe to say I could (up to the beginning of this year at least) qualify as a textbook example of a perfectly healthy human specimen. 
Recently, some of my readers conta…