Never ever look down on or reject corrections from anyone. Case in point: 

In the late 90's/early 2000's, Rhode Island General Hospital was inundated with law suits and complaints of medical malpractices ranging from patients having the wrong fingers amputated to patients undergoing brain surgery having the wrong side of their skull opened. This led to the hospital having to make huge payments on compensation while some doctors lost their medical license to practice.

A close study of the situation made it shockingly clear that the source of the problem was very simple yet devastating. Apparently there was a system of hierarchy in the hospital where doctors were making mistakes before or during surgery and the nurses were unable to correct them due to the nature of doctors thinking that due to their rigorous training, they were above mistakes, much less be corrected by a nurse. This situation led to an uneasy truce where doctors kept making mistakes, the nurses kept quiet, the image of the hospital was tarnished and it kept making huge payouts on compensation. It took a lot of work to make corrections and put things right before the reputation of the hospital was restored. The lesson here is never ever look down on or reject correction from anyone; your subordinates, your wife, your kids. Have an awesome day. 😊