Editor's Note: This poem was written by Aliyu Ibrahim, an Abuja based political/public affairs analyst, poet and writer.

100 days
Plus 30 more
They lied to us
They lie to us
Bring Back Our Girls
Or be gone yourself
Is all we want. 

Their only sin
To want a life
Better than most
An educated soul
That right denied 
Replaced with pain
They took our girls
HE failed our gals. 

All they wanted
Was to school in peace
On a moonless night
They crept inside
They failed our girls
THEY took our girls.

I wish I had
A magic wand
To wave and wish
A happy dream
To return in whole
Our stolen girls.
To #BringBackOurGirls safe & sound. 

So close
Yet so far
They took our girls
They broke our heart
The devils guest
Longing for home
To be with us
To be whole again.

A world gone cold
Despair dark & whole
A shiver streaks across
A mind wandering lost
To find girls stolen & gone
In chibok life stands still. 

A mothers wail
A fathers scowl
Life torn apart
Comfort a forgotten thot
I yearn to see
The day my daughter returns
to home, to us..to me